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Water tank cleaning at regular interval is important for the health of mankind. Water from water tank is used for bathing, brushing, washing and even for cooking. Not cleaning the tanks in regular intervals sometimes leads to compromising on the health of habitats. Around 60% of diseases caused to humans are water- borne. Contamination of water is major cause of illness to mankind and most usual ways water getting contaminated is through improper maintenance or not cleaning water tank at regular interval. Cleaning and disinfecting of Water Tank is very important where number individual works or resides such as apartment complex, restaurant, in medium or large companies.

Our 5 Step Cleaning Process for Underground Tank
  • 1. Remove water from the tank using our Motor Pump
  • 2. Vacuuming to remove sludge & sediments using our Motor Pump
  • 3. Manual cleaning by cleaner inside tank
  • 4. Spray KMn04 (Potassium Permanganate) to disinfect the water tank
  • 5. Mopping Floor with clean sanitized cloth
TO NOTE Rate depends upon the capacity of the individual tank If there are more than 1 tank to be cleaned at once, total charge will reduce We don't send for cleaning only 1 tank.